Murat Dağıtmaç

LECTURER, Writer, designer, digital communication specialist @muratdagitmac


I work as a lecturer  at Yıldız Technical University and study in the categories of Design, Informatics & Computer, Human and Society. In alphabetical order; I wrote the books Digital Crusades, Digital Psychological Revolution, Why Social Media Uses Us. I provide digital communication consultancy to companies and I give "Digital Awareness" seminars across the country. 

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Solutions;  Company and/or personalized solutions related to digital

  • Technology
  • Seminar
  • Digital Marketing
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20 Years of Experience; We are working for the future with the digital communication solutions I have done in the academic field and in the business world.

Corporate Identity

Corporate logo,  corporate identity, and works for institutions. After the SWOT analysis , colors and fonts are arranged.


Digital marketing strategies, social media management and Google SEO solutions for companies


Having given more than 200 seminars to over 10,000 young people in more than 50 cities in Turkiye.

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